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Special Message from Leonardo DiCaprio

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leonardo DiCaprio, International Fund for Animal Welfare <fred@ifaw1.org>
Date: 2011/10/4
Subject: Special Message from Leonardo DiCaprio
To: Nelson Guizzo <nelson22@gmail.com>

Help me protect elephants during IFAW Animal Action Week, October 3-9 2011

If you are having problems reading this email, please click here to view it as a webpage.

Elephants never forget; International Fund for Animal Welfare

Help me protect elephants during IFAW Animal Action Week, October 3-9

Dear Nelson,

Elephants are in serious crisis.

Even now - 20 years after an international ban on ivory trade was put in place - elephants are still being killed at an alarming rate just for the sake of their ivory tusks, which are traded on a global black market that rivals guns and drugs in size and scope.

As a result, I'm saddened to tell you that elephant populations in some African countries, like Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are near extinction.

I know you care deeply about this issue, and I'm certain you feel as I do that we must turn back this assault on elephants now!

You can help save elephants by joining with me and IFAW for this year's Animal Action Week, from October 3-9. Some seven million teachers, students and their families in more than 15 countries worldwide will participate.

This year's theme, "Elephants, Never Forget," celebrates this beloved species, highlights the threats they face and provides steps we can all take to help protect them.

A Web of Cruelty and Greed

Lured by easy money and easy prey, organized gangs of poachers are killing entire elephant families and trading their tusks. Rangers trying to protect these precious elephants are often killed in the line of fire. The ivory trade, like blood diamonds, fuels conflict and strife. Elephants are killed by poachers so their tusks can be sold at a huge profit or traded for weapons and drugs by international criminal organizations before becoming trinkets and jewelry for consumers across Asia, Europe and North America.

Surprisingly, recent polls show that many people aren't aware that an elephant has to die for a poacher to obtain its tusks. This is why public education on this issue is so important.

What You Can Do

Please don't buy ivory - every piece of ivory comes from a dead elephant. We need to shut down the demand. If we don't buy, they don't die.

Please join the march for elephants. Here's how:

  • Sign our petition urging governments to uphold and enforce a complete ban on all trade in ivory. We must ensure that there are no loopholes that allow ivory to be sold legally (such as stockpile sales), and that countries step up their efforts to end illegal trade and protect all elephants from poaching.
  • Visit our animal action web page today and learn about the many ways that young people can join the herd and help support our critical efforts.
  • Spread the word - forward this email to your family and friends!
They say elephants never forget. It's up to all of us to ensure that we don't either. Thank you.

Leonardo DiCaprio
IFAW Honorary Board Member

Twitter @leodicaprio


This message was sent to nelson22@gmail.com

NOTE: To make sure you continue to receive further emails from IFAW, please add fred@ifaw1.org to your email address book. If you use a spam filter program, please assign this address a status of safe or trusted. If you have an AOL, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo email address, this is particularly important as we receive many bounce backs from these email addresses.

International Fund for Animal Welfare • 290 Summer Street • Yarmouthport, MA 02675 • USA

Please click here to remove yourself from IFAW's e-mail lists. For other changes, contact info@ifaw.org.

Remove yourself from this mailing.

 Piensas con tu Mente Beta, pero SIENTES con tu Mente Alfa 
 que es una mente integrada y completa, y vive en Unidad con 
 su entorno. Beta normalmente esta enferma, llena de 
 dualidades, y solo un proceso de decantación y limpieza la 
 prepara para actividades de mejor envergadura en otros planos 
 mas adecuados  de energía.

 Recuerda que: Atraes a tu entorno TODO LO QUE PIENSAS, 
 esto es todas tus quejas, todos tus sueños, todos tus 
 sentimientos y pensamientos: se asientan.

 Segun esta regla: "Pensar, es darle forma a la mente" 
 como nos decia el Yogui Sivananda.
 Cuidate de lo que piensas y fundamentalmente de aquello que
 sientes en este momento presente, puesto que eso es lo que
 atraes a tu vida en este momento...
**          Nelson Guizzo te invita a suscribirte
***         al E-Grupo DIFUSION-CAV, pulsando en:
****       http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav/alta
******     facebook: www.facebook.com/guizzo.nelson
* Remite: Nelson Guizzo *  Celular: +598 97 137 625
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* Antecedentes de Act. Inter.: http://www.antecedentes.zzl.org
* nelson22@gmail.com - Blog: http://difusioncav.zoomblog.com
* E-Grupo: http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav

Por Rainmaker CAV Nelson Guizzo - 4 de Octubre, 2011, 18:59, Categoría: General
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