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Antecedents and News articles of

the First Website of "Rain Manufacturers"


Brief Introduction                                                                               Time of Reading: 10 Min.




This is the Page of activities of Contacto Agua Vital (CAV).


CAV is, from December of the 2003, the first - and until now unique Website in Network Internet, created with the defined intention to act positively on the world-wide climate, by means of techniques for-scientists of own creation.


Our mission


It is to be able to offer the service to induce in a friendly way to the climate, a state of healthy coexistence with the human being and his habitat. We have seted out, and - God by means of we have obtained, meteorological rain rains and halting, as well as other changes in several zones of the globe where extreme climates happened (droughts and floods), changes that seted out and realised against all meteorological study.




At the time of creating the Website to promote our service, we thought that the best form to obtain credibility and to be respectful with our potential clients, it was asking for to those who knew of our activities, or had asked for our service, the sworn preparation of notarial certifications, declarations that guarantee our activities at national and international level.


Many of the people who have asked for us rains and/or halting of rains, had the gentility to accede to make this declaration, others wanted to maintain privacy on the happened thing, which also we respected. To all of them them we must our infinite thanks have trusting in our humanity, our acquired knowledge and the responsibility in the handling of its personal and confidential information.


These documents do not certifican rain, but the events that occurred in detail. They have format of Declaration Sworn realised in front of a Notary public or Notary, in which one or several people affirms that certain events happened, that are related to an extreme climate situation in certain zone of the planet, to our action on that zone, and to the later registered climate change. Also we added in the present the interviews that realised to us…



Interviews in Radio and Newspapers


Contact Vital Water has been interviewed several times by press radial and written in Uruguay, and also radial in Australia. It seems important to us To integrate these news articles like an antecedent more of international action, we will be and it doing in the measurement of our possibilities.


In this primary version Web of the antecedents that we offer to them, we presented/displayed the events in the order that were being realised, putting in the activities with the news articles.  We will be brief the most possible this reading, and to the benefit of one better understanding, in each of these documents, we placed a brief introduction to locate to the reader in the time and place of the facts.


By respect to the privacy of the declaring people in the certifications, their personal data have been hidden, - not thus their names, being able to observe the original document express order if it is necessary, or to take the direct bonding with this person to evacuate doubts, if it had somebody them.


Definition of the RainMaker term


A RainMaker or "Hacedor of rain" or "Rain Manufacturer", is a common and current person that it has chosen to cross a special way. The life has decided to question itself, its position in the world and towards where they keep his step to him. It has I decide to be the "Architect of his Destino". As a result of his studies and practices with the Universal Energy, it has developed inherent spiritual qualities to all human being. Qualities that the saints of all the religions have updated in their lives and soon have shown the world like "miracles". The stimulation on the climate, orienting it towards rain or the good time, is only one of the facets of a Rainmaker. It must be able from his position, to influence in all the angles of his life, becoming but positive, prosperous and healthful, for itself and its surroundings.


Dices our studies and experience, we create in the feasibility to spiritually orient mental and a climate change. We affirm that this only can be realised from special a psicomental state, in communion with a Superior force same, to which we can call of different forms or names: God, Infinite, Universal Energy, Implied Order, Tao, etc. and really are this one Force or Order Implied the one that truly acts, thanks to our request, always from a state of ethics high and harmony. We are only an instrument, we abrimos a channel that allows, as the Hermetista Psi said. Carl Gustav Jung, " to happen of a profane time-space, at the same time sacred space" for only thence, from that attitude of love and harmony, power to act on our means.


We will integrate in the future, the testimony of scientists and investigators who emotionally declare the tremendous importance of the influence that is exerted mental and by the population, on the climate, still of unconscious form. But as we said to him, a RainMaker is much more that a "worker of the time" as they denominate some cultures to him (for example Mexico) to his Graniceros, Tiemperos, Water carriers, Claclasquis, Tempestarios, etc.



DifusiónCAV circle


We create in a spiritual growth and in which this one must share. And in that synergy, we on the contrary did not plant flags that separate ideologies, races, beliefs or religions: we show that a unique Truth exists, beyond a all philosophy of life and religion.

We are not created owners of the TRUTH, we think that of the healthy interchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences, seeing what unites to us by envelope which - supposedly, it separates, it will be born a New, happy Man to us, realised and integrated, who has obtained the contact with the Supreme Being, God, the Arquitecto.´. Universal.´., or as every one wishes to call to which tenth we are a Program of Universal Harmony, a Computer of the Cosmos. This ontological value can be realised and be within any religion of elevated love and ethics, without distinctions. 

It is so in 2005, and with the healthy intention to communicate acquired knowledge and empiria, we founded And-Group DifusiónCAV www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav

To the date, and with great amount of members (but of 150) worldwide, people of all social, philosophical and religious class have met here, to share a fraternal growth. Among them, they have occurred to appointment also ample range of professionals, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Industralists, Physicists, Doctors, Masters in Reiki, Professors, Poets, etc., which adds a healthy multidisciplinary approach to him to the syncretic "point of view Rainmaker".



Rain stimulation in "Group"


Over the years, in this our Electronic Group, also the voluntary idea has been born to begin to act on desarmonizadas situations of the Planet, being exerted therefore a oriented influence so much to the climate, as to world-wide La Paz, the health, etc. We propose to also put our thought - as it says the text of "the Secret" of Rhonda Byrne- well, and therefore our energy, solely on what we want to see grow.


In order to put a work order, You in account have that the CAV action - and now also of the DifusiónCAV- And-group, against climatic situations it jeopardize, is only realised if:


a) It is asked for to him to CAV like a contracted service, and this he is ethically acceptable.

b) One asks for CAV to him as shared in common task and the urgent circumstances demand therefore it.

c) If in view of very difficult climatic circumstances, And-Group DifusiónCAV sets out to act in shared in common task to face, as much it is hurricanes, fires, droughts or floods.



Daily effort


Perhaps You ask yourself because of a conditional action certain circumstances. We clarified to him that who we worked in this task, we must fulfill a daily protocol of training, and maintain it to be always in form. This not always is possible to realise it, due to the conditions of life of each, and has a cost in effort and specific dedication. That attitude of inner withdrawal - of several days, it implies to leave deprived activities of side. It is not possible to turn long hours in tasks outside the home, and at the same time to be "connected" to the source. On the other hand, at the moment it would be impossible to take on And-Group the existing attention from all the problematic ones from climate, since all we must respond to other daily tasks to maintain our homes.



Shared in common action


All the expenses with notaries or notary publics of document preparation, the hundreds of hours of investigation in Internet, the creation of Websites, the creation of the PPS, the generation of information and formation of growth, the creation of And-Group, the BLOG and other expenses in time, of cybercafés, and a long list of others, has been a fight to lung that has fallen on CAV shoulders, that also whenever they have requested it to us, we have acted in shared in common form when a client cannot pay his request.


CAV not yet has capitalized, by this him tenth that if after to examine our work, and to verify all our action in positive towards the Planet, it thinks that our task is good for the same, and wants - and also it can, to collaborate with our activities, ayúdenos to maintain this service and diffusion of knowledge that with pleasure we offered, beating on the bond to PayPay, and realising a donation according to the reach of its possibilities.


PayPal is a system of payment by Internet totally surely, used in practically all the countries of the world, that at no moment shows confidential data of the current accounts of the users, being able to pay in great amount of different currencies like Yens, Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc.


We live very complicated times for the planetary climate and at the most time and effort we pruned to dedicate to investigate and to act, we think that it will result to the benefit of all. For that reason if You Can: Ayúdenos To grow… Thanks to accesar to ours website, and that God always blesses to them!




News articles and Certificates of Action


Orrdenados per date



Two decades we experimented on the climate, trying to orient it to the benefit of the population, every time with better results. Soon the tremendous world-wide climatic changes took to think about offering a service to us in this area, and for it, we did a previous investigation of several months, looking for in the world - traverse of Network Internet, some other "hacedor of rains". We find thus, that many governments have contracted in running of history, and also at the moment, to the Rainmakers, for varied climatic tasks: filling of dams, extinction of droughts, extinguished of fires, etc.


Like example of which tenth, we see the photos of the Daily Bugler of Argentina, of April of 1998, taken in the great fire but from history - according to the UN, happened in RORAIMA, State located to the Northeast of Brazil. In that situation the Brazilian Government worked with 1750 people without being able to restrain the fire. They thought then and they contracted two Chamanes of the Caiapó Tribe, calls Krukit and Mantii, that only asked: "they want little or much water" and rains arrived at the few hours. If they wish, can beat on the photo to read the excellent article "THINKING UNDER RAIN", of the Argentine writer Carlos Gerald Einisman published in the RevistaLote Nro. 14).


By our side, we believed in our potential, and we cheered up to take the step to offer a service. We try contacts with several public and deprived institutions, as well as with several embassies. A Latin American embassy us entrevistó in several opportunities, and solicitd then, a Project of Action. That text-project, in December 2003 reformulated and turned into the Page Web of Contact Vital Water http://www.aguavital.tk - Then we had the luck to know Albérico Journalist Districts, personnel of Direction of the Newspaper the Republic, to that we commented of our activities, leaving material for its study.




Date: 28/12/2003 - URUGUAY

News article in the Newspaper the Republic It beats here to accesar a:  THE REPULICA IN THE NETWORK


Albérico took days to study the information,

also it verified in Network Internet, and was

pleasingly hit. Soon it realised our first news article to us that we offered them here. The Republic is a very popular newspaper in Uruguayan, accessible means in all the points of our country (Uruguay) and also accessable from Internet. Beating on this bond of the newspaper You can observe our first news article CAV. Of not working that bond, beating on this one text

website goes to a copy filed within ours. For any information, if it wishes to contact to Albérico Journalist Districts, it can do it through its particular mail: Alberico@ adinet.com.uy or also in its Website.




Date: 25/10/2004


URUGUAY - Certificate of the FHCE.

Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of the Education


Certificate of Independent Investigator


Known press, friendly and that was fascinated with collected in our investigation, animated to us to that we published a text with her. Previous, we believed advisable to resort to the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of the University of the Republic, to the effects that were collated there if the same era of importance.  After its study, it was answered to us affirmatively, declaring that these reliefs were significant for the Dpto. of Social Anthropology and in particular for General Ethnology, and east document was made to us, that can be read beating on the graph of above to the right.


The text on the indigenous and cultural history of the Rainmakers and traditions has been begun, but the rigor we have faced whereupon it causes that momentarily it is in the hope of "good winds", waiting for the possibility of its preparation with a multidisciplinary equipment: professors of history, psychologists and others, that give the suitable form him to the message which we want to pass on.



Date: 02/08/2004 - Sworn declaration

Realised in URUGUAY 


Cancellation of Drought on Uruguay



From 2003 ends and April 2004, Uruguay suffered a drought during several months. CAV communicated with the Newspaper the Republic in the person of Albérico Districts, saying that it was offered to stop it. The warning was attended a Saturday in the evening and as it corresponds, against all meteorological study. Normally any drought by fort that is we have we managed, to dominate it in 72 hours average, is so we warned (with certain fear when doing our first public supply), that - God by means of, there would be rainwater for Tuesday or following Thursday, 06 of April 2004. For want of coordination that announcement by press was not realised. To the morning there were no perceivable changes but in the evening a strong heavy shower formed on Uruguay we had proposed since it. The surprised Technicians in Meteorology continued asserting that the drought would continue, and asserted that "only it was an originating storm of the Rep. Argentina". CAV affirmed again that the drought would be finished. Two days later, following Thursday, it rained again abundantly, and the meteorologists continued firm in their theory that the drought would persist. But the reality was that from that moment it began to rain normally being finished the drought. For certainty, a time later and to our Albérico order had the great gentility to make this document to us, that beating on the graphs, can be read, as much their declaration as the corresponding certification of companies.



Date: 02/08/2004 - Sworn declaration

Realised in Australia


Cancellation of Drought in Australia (1)

Ours "First remote Action"


In date 15 of January 2005, Prof. Antonio Carranza, natural of El Salvador, and residence in Australia communicates with us. He pronounces himself interested in the investigation that we realised and partly we showed in aguavital.tk, and he comments the seriousdrought that was knocking down to all the Australian continent. Great material losses and of human lives. It solicits to us to share action techniques on the nature and if we could help in the devastating situation. In CAV we must like norm not share techniques, nor sell them, but we can offer to us to act shared in common if it is necessary We answer that until that moment - if or we had begun to realise some "remote" experiences -, we had not evaluated really the results, but doubtlessly would have to work since the Universe is a Holistic or integrated System.


We add RADIESTESIA techniques to our practices and we suggested Prof. to him Carranza who developed some own techniques, and that also realised fasting and oration as Christ and other so many teachers of several spiritual schools did. The result was amazing and God by means of, rained again against all weather forecast in practically all the Australian continent. In mountainous zones snow even fell.  The Service of Meteorology of Australia informed that it did not happen this situation from towards about 150 years. The meteorologists spent extra time to their activities, dice strange it of the situation.


The document that we presented/displayed, realised Prof. Carranza, it protocolised itself in Australia, and soon it had to make all the route necessary to validate it in Uruguay, happening through hands of Mr. Uruguayan Cónsul in Sydney, Australia, Don Jorge Luis Pouy-Janavel, and later control of companies in the Department of Consular Documentation, Section Legalizations, in the Ministry of Outer Relations in Uruguay. - The last graph shows the declaration to us of Prof. Carranza, in its natural language, the English. It was so contented east Professor, that it was united to the CAV task and nowadays is one of the Rainmakers that has acted more, taking rains by itself, or altogether with CAV and also with And-Group DifusiónCAV, to several parts of the world.






Date: 01/03/2005 - Sworn declaration

Realised in URUGUAY on action in AUSTRALIA


Cancellation of Drought in Australia (2)

"Remote" action


This document is realised by Mrs Lilián Ospitale, General Coordinator of the Ones in charge of the office of the Service of Contralor and Registro de Vehículos, of Municipal Intendance of Montevideo in which Nelson Guizzo worked, founder of Group CAV. Since Mrs Ospitale has relatives in Australia, she was found out our task, of which we had commented to him and because in addition we knew that it had lived there several years. It had the great gentility to offer itself like reference of our task.





Date: 02/09/2006 - Sworn declaration

Realised in URUGUAY on action in AUSTRALIA and CUBA


Cancellation of Drought in Australia (3) and Cuba (1)

"Remote" action


After the apparent success stimulating rain in almost all Australia, a resident Cuban Meteorologist in Spain with which we had contact months ago, asks for aid to us for its island. We respond immediately that we would do yes it, and that if everything went well, in less than 72 hours would break the drought of three years that was on Cuba. Us reference with a relative hers, resident in Cuba, that by electronic mail would maintain to us abreast of the climatic situation. In the term that we gave of 72 hours - that were marked the 28 of February of 2005, began to rain smoothly in all the Cuban island, by space of one week.

That date also was very significant for Uruguay since that day would assume like President of our country the Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, leader of a Political Party of Left. In Cuba soon it continued the drought. To the time we again tested with Prof. Carranza, and returned to rain. Both Cubans by personal circumstances, soon could not make declarations on the matter, thus several people who were abreast of this situation, offered voluntarily to realise this documentation to us, like the Gentlemen Juan Jose Gracés and Edinson Atilio the Lopez, who had the great gentility to offer themselves like written reference of these facts…




Date: 02/09/2006 - Sworn declaration - Double Certification

Realised in URUGUAY on action in AUSTRALIA and CUBA


Cancellation of Drought in Australia (4) and Cuba (2)

"Remote" action


This document makes reference to the same task. He is similar to the previous text. Gladys Masters is signed by Astróloga and Reiki Teresa Districts, of Montevideo, Uruguay, to whom also we are thankful for its enormous gentility to him.




Date: 08/09/2006 - Sworn declaration - double Certification.

Realised in URUGUAY on action in AUSTRALIA and CUBA


Cancellation of Drought in Australia (5) and Cuba (3)

"Remote" action


Similar to the previous text, this one also makes reference to our task in Australia and Cuba, and is signed by Mrs Ana Maria Alvarez of Montevideo, Uruguay, with that we have realised several experiences rainmakers, and we are thankful for its enormous gentility to him.






Date: 12/11/2006 - URUGUAY


News article in Magazine UNKNOWN DIMENSION


By the end of the 2006, by relation with friendly people it contacts Unknown Dimension, Uruguayan magazine to us of frequency monthly, that is dedicated for more than three years to the investigation and communication of varied subjects of mysterious nature, historical and also scientist, with very good level. Its Director the Journalist Angel De Vitta, also educational of Journalism and Astronomy, and fervent investigator - among other subjects also of the Phenomenon UFO, it realised east news article to us that can be read beating on the graph.

And given ours empiria like students of religions, compatible philosophies of life, hermetism and sciences, Of Vitta it offered the opportunity to members of CAV to that we also overturned articles and news articles for the magazine, and we come thus it doing from that date.

We soon hope to be able to enjoy this publication in Internet.

The Director of the Magazine can be contacted, by means of the mail: astromundo@ adinet.com.uy





Date: 05/02/2007 - URUGUAY

Newspaper news article the CORRESPONDENT 


After long time, we crossed greetings and new features Albérico Journalist Districts, and it commented to us of his new and shining emprendimiento: Newspaper CORRESPONDENT, This publication dedicates to diffusion of the news of Department of Canelones, (Province or Department that surrounds to Montevideo, Capital of the Country) and also of the City of the Coast (joint of Spas that runs next to the sea from Canelones, towards the east). To this newspaper it in paper can be accesar by Internet, like thus also, subscribe and be received at home. On the occasion of our encounter us reporteò our new features, and on the occasion of this one news article, soon we were contacted by Radio CX14, the SPECTATOR. Thus then, the news article of the Correspondent later repeats days including the repercussions in radio, therefore, but down we included the bond of the complete news article (we only placed this text to maintain the relation of dates).




Date: 14/02/2007 - URUGUAY

Live news article in CX 14 Radio the SPECTATOR


In this date, as we said, as a result of the interview that did Albérico to us Districts in the Newspaper the CORRESPONDENT, Mr. Diego Saz communicated with us, Producer of the excellent radial program: PENDING SUBJECTS of Radio the Spectator, lead by Mauritius Almada. And it asked for a live interview to us, of little more of half an hour, than it is possible to be listened beating on Graph CAV of the right.



Date: 25/02/2006 - URUGUAY

Newspaper article the CORRESPONDENT (4 in 1)


This article was realised by Albérico Districts, Director of the Newspaper the Correspondent, the City of the Coast and Canelones (URUGUAY), that is also published by Internet.  Although in sequence of preference, he was this one previous to the news article of Radio Spectator, soon updated the information commenting the speech in radio, by to that we placed it secondly reason. Albérico had the great gentility to reunite in this one same article the bond to our first news article, the bond to the news article in radio, and also towards ours website: www.aguavital.tk








Date: 18/04/2007 - Sworn declaration


To stop rains on

Montevideo, URUGUAY


This document is signed by Mrs Ana Maria Alvarez, who has resorted in several circumstances in which very fast rainfalls happened, since the toilet of their building does not solve the evacuation quickly and its apartment finishes flooding itself. The document does not express the amount of times, but they have been several occasions, and all solved - God by means of, in less than 15 minutes.



Date: 22/05/2007 - Sworn declaration double.

Realised in URUGUAY on action

in City of SAN PABLO,



Rain rains and Cancellation

in San Pablo, BRAZIL

"Remote" action


The Parapsicólogo and Empresario Leonardo Ribeiro, Uruguayan resident in the City of San Pablo, Brazil, in very diverse opportunities asked for aid to us with the climate of its city. In several opportunities it soon requested stimulation to us of rain and in others also that we stopped storms of several days that knocked down San Pablo. Of all those situations, we clarified that only in one of those opportunities the halting of a storm did not take place. It has had the gentility to contact to us in occasion from its trip to Uruguay to realise this valuable document to us for us.





Antecedents of another Rainmakers

It has been united to the Circle of Rainmakers DifusiónCAV, the beautiful Lic. Maria Rachel Holway, who for several years comes carrying out tasks similar to ours, in several parts of the world. It made way in own techniques of climate stimulation, and to our order it acceded to reach his related curriculum to us to this activity so that we included to him between the antecedents. Rachel tells us: I began like Rainmaker near 1988 working to make rain in certain regions of the Province of Buenos Aires. To order of individuals of the zones of Tandil, Ayacucho, Maipú, and zones of Pampas. Soon I continued with the zones of the south of the Province of Buenos Aires in the 90. For requested assiduous the 90 aims of tapeworm of Mendoza, White Bay, Pigue, Colonel Suarez, Colonel Pringles, Short Stream. In 2001 they solicitd to me from Mexico that did rains in a called zone Lasting, desert region and with a lagoon, where it did not rain from towards 30 years. Then it returned to rain, and since then they nickname in Mexico "the girl to me of rains".

In the 2002 I received rain requests of the Middle East, soon went away extending to different regions from the world. In 2003 in the zone of the Paraguayan and east of Bolivia and soon continuous Chaco working this zone. From year 2001 receipt requested of rain and rain control from several parts of the globe. This year was managed to recover the harvest of the Province of Buenos Aires and to stop the drought in Paraguay, and also to control rains in remote places and strangers of the globe, where often it is necessary to review the maps well. It takes contact with you (with CAV) in 2001 and since then we have also done works altogether.

News articles: I was in several TV channels of Argentina in diverse opportunities. I have realised notes in channel 4 of Pigue; Province of Buenos Aires from 1997 to the 2001; in 1998 by Channel IDEAS. 9 channel and Channel 26 of Buenos Aires, the 2003 to the 2004. Also news articles in relation to this subject have done me, from different countries: Paraguay by Channel 13 of Asuncio'n, Brazil and Bolivia. The past year (2006) they did note to me in New York, the United States and in London, England. Lic. Maria Raquel Holway - Rainmaker


We will be integrating but antecedent individual in next days…




             Ultimas Actuaciones of CAV and the DifusionCav Group



"A   D i S.A. c i to "


As we told lines more above them, Contact Vital Water decides in the 2005 opening of and-group of Rainmakers DifusiónCAV with the intention - in principle, to share information of spiritual growth.


Slowly and in spontaneous form, to And-Group new wills began to integrate themselves, and shared in common they were offered also to act - in the measurement of its possibilities and according to the knowledge and empiria of each one, in the stimulation of the outside necessary climate where.


Due to this, some of the tasks of rain stimulation were begun to realise "open group". Practically all the following actions that now we will mention, were announced before they happened, those publicly are - until now, the unique certainties that we have of these facts.


To And-Group DifusiónCAV, it is possible to be acceded pressing the Link:

http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav, that we repeated, is of public access.


The messages can be visulizados by means of the Link:



Other possible certainties are communicated between people the close friends to Group CAV, by means of sent and received electronic mails that - here in Uruguay, has legal value, accepting itself like public document. In second instance it will be seen include these post office with his respective "mall pillows" (identity or authenticity of the mail), without injuring the privacy of they sent which them or they received.



1) 2007 - one was found successfully on the fires that happened on two ocassions in Australia.

(Certainties in internal post office of Guizzo and Carranza).


2) 2007 - Antonio Carranza invites to us to stimulate rains in the fire of the Gran Canaria. It is also solved successfully in the two opportunities.

(Certainty in internal post office of Guizzo and Carranza).


3) 2007 - Nelson Guizzo invites in And-Group to take part on the Hurricane DEAN.

48 hours DEAN it was transformed into tropical storm. It is the second success when facing hurricanes, since the prognosis of the same moving towards the North of Mexico, was very threatening. The previous test - that it had not become public, had realised it Antonio Carranza on a Hurricane that went on its mother earth, El Salvador.

(Certainty on at sight DEAN in And-Group DifusionCAV).


4) 2007 - We sent rains to the fire of Greece. It did not get to see itself in the news, but through overturned information to Internet, we knew that yes it rained, and even that also took place floods. They were certainties of these activities, as thus also of the information of rain press.

(At sight Certainty in And-Group DifusionCAV).


5) 2007 - To order of a friend of Prof. Antonio Carranza (now also integral of DifusionCAV), we stimulated rains on fires of Paraguay, on two ocassions, successfully.

(Certainties at sight in And-Group DifusionCAV).


6) 2007 - the Lic Announces Maria Rachel Holway, of the great drought in Argentina. One seted out to work in group and rains were stimulated on Argentina (South) where they were suffered more than 300 days without rainwater, successfully.

(At sight Certainty in And-Group DifusionCAV).


7) Enero/2008 - it asks for Antonio to Us Carranza rains for Australia. We do our task trying that rains the continent mainly. Like result, all the full cloud continent, but rains only in some parts of the same.




Up to here the certainties of the last activities.


Although in some circumstances it was delayed more of predicted (the 72 hours), and in the case of the fire in Greece we ignored the reason, but it rained until with floods and the fruit of the technical one was not really seen on fires, even so, we think that the maintained average until now has been good, in very high percentage.


Aside from showing these antecedents to him, we want to invite to him to that it makes "Contact with enemy" with options superiors of life. Humbly we invited to him to integrate itself to DifusionCAV, a true and positive family Internaut. It shares harmony with its members altogether and by itself verifies the great humanity and brotherhood of our companions of footpath.


You also can be a Rainmaker, not only with the climate, also it with its options of growth in the positive, the faith and the daily creation of its destiny can be. You can be the architect of his life, finds with us the keys, keys and the principles with which the Universe works, without stopping belonging or leaving its own religious or philosophical beliefs of life. In CAV one is and he stands out what he unites to us brotherly spiritual and, by envelope which separates to us.


In order to close this communication, we remembered to him that we offer a service by an economic and totally accessible cost. And that to date CAV - and now also the DifusionCAV And-group -, only comes acted in shared in common form.



It beats here to make his shipment






"… it reaches whereupon only one of us does

"contact", so that the effect takes place…"


Anasazi natives interviewed by Discovery Channel Online



Pressing on this bond accesa to website of C.A.V.






-  Que estas pensando y fundamentalmente SINTIENDO en este momento ?
-  Pues eso mismo es lo que estas generando en tu vida, ya que nuestra
-  mente se convierte en lo que hace y en lo que piensa (Swami Sivananda)
-  Suscribete: http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav/alta

- Nelson Guizzo *  Celular:
00 598 97137625
- Contacto Agua Vital Internacional
- guizzo.nelson@gmail.com - nelson22@gmail.com
- http://www.aguavital.tk * Msn: ng0022@hotmail.com
- E-Grupo: http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/difusioncav
- YOUTUBE: http://es.youtube.com/RainmakersCAV

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